The PyQGIS Programmer's Guide

Extending Quantum GIS with Python

What's in the Book

Here’s the current chapter list for the book, subject to minor adjustments of course.

Updated 2013-10-08

  1. Introduction

  2. Python Basics

  3. Setting Up Your Development Tools

  4. The QGIS/Python Ecosystem

  5. Navigating the QGIS API

  6. Using the Console

  7. Running Scripts

  8. Tips and Techniques

  9. Extending the API

  10. Writing Plugins

  11. Creating a Development Workflow

  12. Writing a Standalone Application

  13. Resources

  14. Answers to Exercises

  15. Appendix A: Installing Software

  16. Appendix B: Code Listings

  17. Appendix C: Porting Scripts to 2.0